Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, Illus by Oliver Jeffers

This book is a riotous exploration of the crayon box! This book has it all--imagination galore, a heavy dose of humor, and quirky illustrations. 

One day, a little boy named Duncan discovers a stack of letters in his crayon box at school. 

They are from the crayons. And they are not all happy. 

Red crayon is exhausted. Not only does he have to color in all those fire trucks and apples, he works overtime at holidays on those Santas and Hearts!

Beige wants to right a few wrongs in his life. He is not light brown or tan. He is beige. Beige is perfect for coloring wheat, but everyone chooses brown instead of him for all the interesting jobs.  

Grey has a heavy workload of animals. 

White feels empty and unfulfilled. White isn't even in the rainbow. And no one really needs him. 

Black is tired of being the outliner, not the main event. 

Green wants to congratulate Duncan on a very successful "coloring things green" career so far. He also would appreciate it if Duncan could mediate between Orange and Yellow who are no longer speaking to each other due to differing opinions on the correct color of the sun. 

Yellow would like to just point out that Duncan colored the sun yellow on page 7 of his Happy Farm coloring book. 

Off the top of his head, Orange can remember two incidences of orange colored suns in the "Day at the Zoo" coloring book. 

Blue would like to thank Duncan for making Blue his favorite color. But he has been so well used, he is stubby. I can't even see over the railing in the crayon box anymore! I need a BREAK!

Pink is put out that Duncan has never used her once this past year. Why does he never thinks to color a dinosaur or monster pink? And what about a pink cowboy? C'mon! 

Peach lost his clothes and thinks it is pretty inconsiderate of Duncan not to do something about it. 

Duncan wanted his crayons to be happy. So....

He used them all! And left out the sun. And only used Blue a little. 

His teacher gave him an A for creativity!

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