Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Edie changes her mind by Johanna Johnston & Illustrated by Paul Galdone

This was another school library reject. But look at the cover! How can you not love that little girl in pigtails? I couldn't resist her, so I brought her home. 

I enjoy Paul Galdone's illustrations.

Edie does not like bedtime. She fusses and hollers and generally acts like a brat when the subject of bedtime arises.

At this point in my life, I can't imagine putting up any kind of resistance if someone were to force me into bed. +

No matter what Edie's mother did to ease her into bed, Edie threw a fit. 

So one night after her fit, her mother said "We'll forget about the bed for good."

And they took Edie's bed completely apart and carried it away.

Oh joy, hooray! No bed to be forced into!

But then, her mommy and daddy went to bed. 

Edie thought they were crazy, going to bed with no one telling them to. 

Without her parents, the house was dark. And quiet.

She tried to get her kitty to play, but he wanted to sleep, not play. 

She played with her toys, but soon ran out of ideas and even her toys weren't much fun late at night.

She sat in the big space where her bed used to be. Just to feel what it was like to not have a bed in her room.

She yawned, but she wasn't actually tired. She tried talking, to cheer herself up a little, but her voice sounded too loud.

She sat in the living room and fell asleep for a bit.

The clock woke her up. 

"I never knew the night was THIS long. It's too long for anything."

So she tried to go to sleep. But she couldn't get comfy.

Finally, she heard the milkman coming up the steps. "What does he want to whistle for?" she thought. 

Edie stared out at the street. But there was nothing to see, even though it wasn't quite so dark anymore.

Finally, finally things start waking up. 

"Well," her mother said, "good morning! Isn't it a lovely morning?"
Edie did not think it was so lovely.

All at once she thought the thing that made morning so nice was getting up out of bed and seeing it like a surprise.

This morning and this day were not nice. Everything was old and drab and boring. 

There wasn't ANYTHING she felt like doing.

She moped around, even refusing treats like going to the park.

What did she want? She didn't know. 
Then all at once, she KNEW!

"I want to take a nap. I want my bed back. I want it back for good!"
"Well," said Mother.
"Well," said Daddy.

And they brought her bed back. 

Oh the delight of a bed after a sleepless night!

When she woke up it was dinner time. And she felt fine.
She ran through the house, singing and talking and YELLING!
She had to.
She felt so good.


  1. Oh, this is a treasure! I couldn't have resisted it, either.

  2. Well I have a notably low resistance to books in general. And when they are cute, vintage, kids books? Forget about it! I am taking that puppy home!

  3. Even though I am 50 years old, I still have treasured memories of my mother reading me that, my favorite book, night after night, after night. I just wanted it read every single night. Now that my mother is so elderly and frail, I have been thinking so much about that book. I may have to spring for the $100 to buy a used copy; I so wonder if she would still remember it too. Thank you so much for the stroll down memory lane! -Karen Raffel