Friday, May 13, 2016

Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake by Michael B. Kaplan & illustrated by Stephane Jorisch

Betty Bunny is introduced to chocolate cake in this book and tries to learn patience. It is rather doubtful if she ever grasps the concept of patience. 

The little kids (3&5) love this book. They find Betty Bunny's terrible behavior terribly hilarious. 

Betty Bunny has a firm understanding about the loveliness of chocolate cake. 

Aren't the illustrations sweet? 

Since her parents loved her and they said she was a handful, Betty Bunny decided being a handful must be very, very good.

Betty Bunny is not too excited about new things. When first offered cake, Betty Bunny says "Nope." 

But then she tried a piece. And it was love at first bite. 

"When I grow up, I am going to marry chocolate cake," said Betty Bunny.

Her older brother Bill is full of wise words.
"You're going to have really weird looking kids."

Loving Chocolate cake has become a basic part of Betty Bunny's identity. 

Next day, she tells her teacher 
"I'm a handful and I love chocolate cake."

"A is for chocolate cake, 
B is for chocolate cake,
C is for chocolate cake."

Chocolate cake is on her mind.

After making a mud cake on the playground and hoping it would taste like chocolate cake, Betty Bunny is glad to be going to home to where there is chocolate cake. Her mother tells her to have patience--she can only have cake after supper.

"I don't want to have patience," Betty Bunny protested. "I want to have chocolate cake."

Betty does not want healthy food. She wants cake. At supper, she is so impatient for cake that she behaves terribly and throws her food at her siblings.

She is banished to bed without cake. 

Betty Bunny contemplates all the tyranny of parents who force her to eat healthy food before getting cake. 

She throws a temper tantrum and hurts her foot.

Betty Bunny is a bit of a spoiled brat. 

Her mother comes up to her room and explains herself and her absurd demands. She tells Betty Bunny that maybe it would be easier for her to be patient if she knew she had a piece of cake reserved for her. She cuts a slice of cake and puts it in the fridge for safe keeping for the following night after supper. 

In the morning, Betty Bunny goes to tell her cake goodbye before leaving for school. 

Betty Bunny knew that the cake would miss her all day while she was at school. So she picked it up and put it in her pocket. 

Betty Bunny didn't tell anyone she had cake in her pocket, but everyone noticed how happy she was. 

At dinner, Betty Bunny puts her hand in her pocket to give her cake a reassuring pat. 

Her cake was gone! Instead of cake, her pocket was filled with a brown, goopy messs!

Her mother, who seems to be amazingly patient herself explains patience all over again. Patience is not stuffing cake in your pocket. 

Then next morning, Betty Bunny understood she couldn't put her cake in her pocket. 

And that is why she stuffed it very carefully into her sock.

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