Monday, May 9, 2016

Jillian Jiggs by Phoebe Gilman

This book was a large part of our childhood. We quote phrases from it all the time. My kids love it too. It is incredibly rhyme-y and fun.

To all the mothers--especially mine.

The pictures, in bouncing primary colors work perfectly with the story. 

Barenakedness is a great way to captivate small children at the beginning of a book. 

Jillian Jiggs, now that she is grown up, has a lot more accessories than she did as a little bare baby. So many accessories that her mother despairs of ever seeing her room clean. 

"Jillian, Jillian Jiggs!
It looks like you room has been lived in by pigs!"
"Later I promise. As soon as I'm through.
I'll clean up my room. I promise. I do."

I think of this almost every time I look at my kid's rooms. By the way, do  you like the photo styling? It took me awhile. I had to find a corner of the kids room and make it look messy. Ha ha ha. That is a little sarcasm. I just walked in to the little kid's room, plopped the book down and took pictures. 

I am a terrible housekeeping mother. 

And my kids are really, really like Jillian Jiggs.

Now Jillian meant every word that she said, 
But later the promise flew out of her head.

I actually remember this feeling from childhood. Cleaning my room and getting completely sidetracked by a cool toy that had been hiding underneath my bureau. My kids carry the tradition on. Completely frustrating. 

Of course, I only wish I had as much imagination as Jillian Jiggs! When Rachel and Peter call her to come out to play, they discover some boxes someone had senselessly thrown away. 

Under Jillian's tutelage, the boxes become computers, and totem poles and presents and something I can't figure out. I think my kids need to be a totem pole for Halloween next fall. Or a present. 

I feel for Jillian's mother. I really do. 

Peter and Rachel say they will help too and get it done lickety split. 

Do you see Jillian's little sister there? She didn't get the memo that cardboard boxes were done. She is generally a page behind the three older kids in her costume and play acting. Following along, but also doing her own thing.

So like a little sister. I love her.

They do all work, but then they think to play pirates. Which is completely necessary and will only take a minute. 

One thing leads to another and...dragons and trees happen

They dressed up as bad guys who never say please. 
They dressed up as chickens, cooped up and caged.

Monsters and witches! 

I love the little sister being an angry chicken on top of the desk. And then being the cutest paper bag witch ever.

Fairies. Poor Peter is being a little pouty, and refusing to play witches or fairies.


Canaries! And Arabian Nights. I love their boundless imaginations. 

And then Jillian's mother takes a peek to see how they are doing...

And fainted ker-plop!

More promises being made.

But this time, promises aren't cutting it. 

Sigh. The never ending struggle to make kids clean. I just have to keep hoping that one day, in the distant future, they will wake up one morning and they will put their things away and tidy up after themselves. 

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