Monday, May 16, 2016

Rabbits & Raindrops by Jim Arnosky

This book is perfectly adorable. As the title suggests, it is about rabbits in a rainstorm. A litter of baby rabbits is about to venture out of their den for the first time. They explore the grass and sunshine and bugs and flowers in delight. 

And then, it rains. 

This is a very simple little book for toddlers, but the illustrations are beautiful enough to make older ages want to look at it too. 

See my cute leaves with raindrops? I felt quite clever about them. The bunnies look like they are studying them. 

And unfurling ferns! I really love springtime. 

Getting ready to venture forth in cute, fat, furry bunny-ness.

Into the sunlight!

Insects and clover


Jim Aronsky is a nature-for-little-kids writer, so there are a lot of interesting tidbits interjected in the story. Like the fact that rabbits have to be protected from the rain.

I think the raindrops are lovely.

Watching the rain. Aren't they cute?! And who doesn't want to know what it looks like to watch a rainstorm from under a bush?

We get to see where animals go to get out of the rain.

Aren't they adorable? Really, how can you get cuter than rabbits and raindrops? They are both marvelous.

Hopping back into the sunshine... see how the world look decorated in raindrops.

Isn't that a cute book?

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