Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oh, What a Busy Day by Gyo Fujikawa

I love, love, love Gyo Fujikawa! When I was a little kid, we had the ABC book by Fujikawa, and I thought it was perfectly delightful. I love the colors, the kids, and the joy. 

This book is about a little kid's day. Starting with the sunrise. Or even just before it, depending on the child. 

Breakfast is an unconstrained delight!

Springtime hide and seek.

Rainy days

Almost all of Fujikawa's books are alternating color and black and white. Which makes the color pages pop out even more. 

Gyo Fujikawa was putting diversity in his kids books before diversity was cool. 

Isn't this a fabulous garden?

Note the nasturtiums. For some reasons, if an illustrator includes nasturtiums, it makes me irrationally happy. 

Bird nests.

Goals and ambitions

How can you not love a book with a page about kindness?

A few dozen kids going to be nice to one poor, beleaguered old woman. Aren't they cheerful? 

Fujikawa includes some pages about sadness. Which is nice. Why is sadness, such a human emotion, so often glossed over?

If people don't like this book, it is generally because of this very, very sad story--The Babes in the Wood. Spoiler alert--they laid down and died. If you don't want your child to know people die, this could be a disturbing page.

Loving babies is an important part of any day.

A sweet papoose


Out in the fields in the wind

Who knows what this is all about. But it is fun!

I love, love spring. But I do love the coziness of this picture. And yearn, ever so slightly for cozy days.

Happiness! I love winter scenes.

Simple words that make things nice

Evening. I want that desk. 

And good night, fair people, goodnight!

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