Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Funny Little Bird by Jennifer Yerkes

This is a fun little book about a bird without an outline. 

You can only see him when he was near other things. 

Most little kids can readily recognize this invisibility as real life. My kids have been listening to Ramona audiobooks and this invisibility is the focus of much of Ramona's life. How do you make people really see you?

The little bird resented this. He felt invisible. So he decided to find things to make him visible. 

Brightly colored feathers! 

Squash flowers!

In all his finery, the little bird forgot the benefits of being invisible. Suddenly he is visible to predators.

He quickly sheds his adopted finery in favor of safety.

And now, he is content being himself. 

And helps his friends disappear when danger comes calling. 

Still, he occasionally puts a little finery on. Just for fun. 

There is still so much fun in trying things out! 

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