Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Flower Fairies of the Summer by Cicely Mary Barker

A little while ago I got a great deal on all the Flower Fairies books in a box set. Since I adore these books (flowers+fairies+vintage illustrations=joy) I jumped at it. Unfortunately I am not crazy about the covers. I am getting used to them, I no longer shudder when I see them. Haha! They aren't terrible. Actually, now that I am complaining about them so vocally, I am rather liking them. 

There is no debating Cicely Mary Barker though. Love!!

The song of the Forget-me-not Fairy

The foxglove fairy

Bird's foot trefoil

I love that these are all common wildflowers. At least in my corner of the world!

Nightshade is so exotic

Harebell is practically a teenager

While heather is a little scamp. 

Scabious has one of the ugliest names, but the cutest fairy.

Scarlet Pimpernel Fairy

Okay, Scabious has a little competition for ugliest name from ragwort. Cute little fairy dress though!

Rose fairyzz

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