Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bunny's Book Club by Annie Silvestro & Illus by Tatjana Mai-Wyss

This is such a darling little book. 

The endpapers. A pretend library card pocket! Could it get any cuter? 

This is bunny. Bunny is a big fan of books and stories. 

When stories are read, he lurks in the background so he can hear. 

Summertime story hour at the library is held outside, delighting our story hungry bunny. 

When fall comes, his story hours disappear....

Back into the library. 

A librarian with red cat eye glasses! A library with a gigantic window seat! Cushy seats for the library users! (That last is the school librarian in my coming out.)

Of course, bunny couldn't hear stories being read inside. This worried him. How could he find a way to hear stories again?

He went to the library at night and tried to find a way to break in. 

Unfortunately, it seemed impossible. 

Until he found the book drop. Wiggling through the book drop was nothing to a wee little bunny. 

He was in the kingdom! 

He reversed the usual use of the book drop and took home a large stack. 

Do you SEE how delighted his little face is while shoving books out the book drop?! I love this bunny. 

He goes home and reads. And reads. 

He repeats the take out procedure several times. 

His friends begin to wonder why bunny isn't hanging out with them anymore. 

They come to inquire and bunny takes them to the library. 

 "Whoa," said Porcupine.
"I know," said Bunny.
 "Do you think there is a story about balloons? I have always wondered about balloons."
"Most definitely," said Bunny. 

Porcupine finds his book about balloons. 

I literally can't even with how cute this book is. A porcupine hugging a book about balloons with a rapturous look on his face! 

The two friends went home to carrot cupcakes, tea, and companionable reading. 

I need more carrot cupcakes, tea, and companionable reading in my life.  

Soon other friends became curious. Bunny invited them all in to his book filled house. 

You do have to feel a little bad for the librarian in cat eye glasses who was clearly missing a lot of books by this point. 

All the animals have to go see the library for themselves. Bear going through the book drop was not easy.

Since they were all so excited about the library, they stayed a little too long and were... 


Instead of being angry, the librarian (who now has adorable shoes and a spiffy retro dress. Can I be this librarian? She clearly has style.) tells them about library cards. 

And now the friends have unlimited access to the library and the story treasures contained there in. 

Bunny's Book Club is born. 

With plenty of carrot cupcakes .

I know I just gave you the whole story, but this book is so cute that you simply must go look at it. Now! 

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