Monday, June 19, 2017

A Riot of Quiet by Virginia Siccote & Illus by Edward Ardizzone

This is such a sweet, darling, quiet little book. I found it at a local (ish) library. I love libraries that keep old books. 

A riot of quiet--I love that phrase! I am currently living in a riot of quiet. I am all alone this week.

Daddy headed out to Wyoming with the kids yesterday and I will fly out when school is done and meet them in Cody. 

Which is fun for them, but let me tell you, this house feels funny without them all here. 

This book is incredibly sweet and vintage-y and monochromatic. 

A mother is telling her child to listen, oh so quietly, to hear all these teensy tiny impossible sounds. 

Listen, list--
be perfectly still,
If you twitch your nose or wiggle an ear
You'll miss the sounds I want you to hear!

A minute turning into another hour

A slippery slug sleeping on a log.

A pollywog becoming a fat, green frog.

Bubbles popping in the air.

Tangles forming in your hair. 

A bean, sprouting.

A bee drinking nectar from a flower

A sleeping baby turning over. 

And then, the child is asleep, asleep in the garden, with all sorts of lovely, fanciful little images dancing through his head. 

This contrasts rather starkly with my preferred method of putting kids to bed, which involves a lot of noise, threats, and impatience. But I have read this book to them several times before bed, does that count? 

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