Monday, June 26, 2017

If I had a little dream by Nina Laden & Illus by Melissa Castrillon

This is a book Clover brought up for me to look at and it is adorable. Really, Clover has pretty good taste in kids books. Maybe because she is a children's librarian from way back, but who knows. 

This cute little girl has a marvelous imagination, speaks poetically, has a penchant for naming things and thinks in bright blues, oranges, and reds. Quite an effective combination.

If I had a little house
I would name it Love.
Love would make me happy
and protect me like a glove. 

Gardens feed my heart and soul, so I hear you sister! 

If I had a little pond, 
I would name it Wonder. 

I love little wondering kids. 

Birds bringing food is pretty adorable. I also like how she says a table would be a place to share delicious things to eat and puts one cupcake there and waits for lots of birds to bring her food. That is totally a kids idea of sharing. I will give this teensy thing and you give me lots. 

Still adorable!

Sleeping kids on a rainy day.... Oh my heart!

If I had a little brother 
I would name him Sky. 
Sky would be the air I breathe,
together we would fly. 

Siblings are a pretty big deal. Brothers are alright I guess... Ha! They are pretty fabulous. 

I have two lullabys to walk around with. And apparently I am lullaby for two more sisters. I am very rich in sisters, so my whole life is filled with song. 

If I had a little dream, 
I would name it You. 
You would make life magical, 
and make my dream come true. 


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