Monday, June 5, 2017

Hello Baby! by Mem Fox & Illus by Steve Jenkins

I love this book! I am a major fan of Steve Jenkins illustrations. I mean, cut paper--looking fabulous! It amazes me every time. 

When you combine that marvelousness with babies, I am a goner. 

I didn't really know too much about Mem Fox, but I had to google her a little and I see she wrote this interesting book about kids and books and reading. The title is "Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever." 
(I love books that totally support my personal hobby horse. So reaffirming.)
Must read!  

The text is simple, letting the pictures do a lot of the work. 

And these pictures do work. Do you see all those fine little hairs made out of cut paper? a-MAY-zing. 

Are you a gecko with rolling eyes? 

Hippos with big pink mouths.

Cheetah's with long lashes.

Elephants have nice lashes too. 

Even warthogs have nice lashes. 

I am sensing a trend here. 

This is the prettiest warthog I have ever seen. 

Perhaps you are silent and scary. Are you? Because I don't want to be friends with silent, scary crocodiles. 

Wicked Winking Owl. 

And after all of this questioning, we decide that the baby is....

Well I didn't take a picture of the last page with a human baby hand because this is a library book and the last page was all ripped or something. But there it was. 

I love simple little animal books with gorgeous illustrations. 

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