Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How To by Julie Morstad

Have I discussed the magic of Julie Morstad with you all yet? Love! I know I shared some of her illustrations with you last year in Swan. I was a little gaga over those pictures, but for some reason, I didn't obsessively hunt down every book she has ever worked on. 

Now I am. 

Must. Own. Every. One. 

And I would just like to say that a page on how to be happy might include marsh marigolds. Because they make me really, really happy. So yellow! So green! So springy! 

How to go slow

Alrighty. We have an adorable girl, blue butterflies, going slow, a giant snail. How could I not fall in love with this book right off? 

How to see the wind. 

Charming as all get out!

How to feel the wind.

How to have a good sleep.

There is something about the minimalistic (is that a word? Spellcheck is saying no. I say yes. Ha! I win spellcheck!!) words combined with the gorgeous illustrations that just gets right in amongst me. 

How to make a sandwich.

Oh my word, this is so cute!!

Gilbert and Elsie are a big fan of this page. 

How to make new friends.

How to wash your face.

Gilbert and Elsie think this is hilarious. 

How to wash your socks.

But this one takes the cake for them. They laugh and we have to reread it four times before we can move on. 

How to watch where you're going.

How to wonder. 

This picture kills me!! Have I mentioned that I LOVE THIS BOOK?!

How to be brave. 

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