Thursday, June 8, 2017

First Graces by Tasha Tudor and A Small Child's Book of Prayers by Cyndy Szekeres

I feel like I should show you the other two books because they were adorable as well. But it will be quick. 

Tasha Tudor is one of my favorite of favorite illustrators. All those soft watercolors and sweet faces and nature. 

Tasha Tudor in miniature is about as cute as you can get. 

There is even a grace for school.  

This picture.....! 

Cyndy Szekeres has some of the cutest little animals. (And also a difficult to spell name. I always mix it up.)

Two mice dining on a single strawberry with flower still attached? Too cute! 

Why he or she is sitting on a stool outside while ready for bed I don't know, but I suppose with kids, all things are possible. Maybe while he is seeing the moon, his mother is hooting and hollering "Where on earth are you?!" But then, could a mother hoot and holler at a little puppy/coyote as cute as this. 

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