Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Arctic Dreams by Carloe Gerber

This is a sweet little book of the north. A mother lulls her child to sleep by telling it all about the arctic world he lives in. 


Tucking in all snug and warm.

The mother tells her son to think of the moose, the musk ox. 

The arctic ocean.

A blue and white world!

A technicolor world in the fall, from lichen covered rocks.

Spring time wildflowers

Slumber sweet, my little one. 
Slumber sweet.
Taste the first snowfall of autumn. 

Breathe the moist pine air of forests. 

Interestingly, Alaska has no pine except in the southeast. So I am not sure where this book is supposed to be set. After check tree ranges, I have concluded that this book has to be about the Hudson Bay area of Ontario. 

Northern lights

Because what good is a dream if you can't ride a caribou? 

Or cuddle a polar bear? 

A little background on ancient Eskimo songs. I thought the term Eskimo was very passe, but apparently many Alaskan Native prefer Eskimo to Inuit, since the Inuit are a very specific people, while Eskimo embraces a range of tribes. 

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