Thursday, January 12, 2017

Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Peggy Lee & Tim Hopgood


Firstly, I adore singing books. I just do. I think it is a throwback to the days when a singing book could delight Gilbert, no matter how cranky he was. (I also feel people should sing more in general.)

Secondly, this is one of my favorite winter songs. I know some people think of this as a Christmas carol, but it really isn't. 

Thirdly, THE PICTURES. So vivid and bursting with joy. 

I had high hopes for how I would photograph this book. I envisioned gorgeous backdrops, etc. Then last weekend, I looked outside and saw the entire world was sparkling suddenly. So I trotted out and tried to capture a real time winter wonderland. 

Real time winter wonderlands are hard to capture. And I didn't surprise myself with sudden talent. But take it from me, it was incredible. I kept wishing I was a better photographer so you could see how awesome it was!!

I have never really seen frost crystals/snowflakes this big and vivid before. They coated everything. Aren't they cool?!

It was close to zero and the snow was falling so slowly, so straight down. I am not sure if that was a contributing factor, but whatever it was, it was super fab!

Creek edge 

Oh yes, we were talking about a book. 

 The words are just the song. Don't expect anything else. And who needs anything else?! 

Those aquas with the fox and deer against them! 

I love the music notes sprinkled throughout.

This version is less lovey-dovey, getting married and more family out together. Which is appropriate.

A tree full of music notes and snowflakes. And that blue! There are one or two days a winter when the world is that white with ice and snow and the sky is that blue. And they are days that soar. 

You can see individual snowflakes!! I was a little fascinated by that. 

These two pages are so full of bring loveliness that they are my favorite. 

It does refer to the snowman as a Santa clown, but I just sub in circus clown to make it applicable all winter long. 

Daddies and babies in a heap by the fire. 


I am so exceptionally pleased with my purchase. 

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