Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Poet's Dog by Patricia MacLachlan

(Kenard Pak did the enchanting cover art.)

This is a short little book full of warmth and love and an Irish Wolfhound named Teddy. It was a super quick read, which is pretty much Patricia MacLachlan's chapter book trademark. Two kids, Nickel and Flora are stranded in a snowstorm. They appear to be abandoned by their parents. My sister and I both thought they had terrible parents. (Spoiler alert, their parents aren't rotters after all.) When the stumble through the snowstorm into the woods, Teddy finds them. 

Teddy is not just any old Irish Wolfhound. Teddy is the Poet's Dog. And dogs can talk to poets and children. I was a bit unsure of this, since I have that realistic fiction preference thing going on, but it doesn't seem fantastical at all. Sometimes, it seems like kids and dogs can talk. 

Teddy leads Nickel and Flora to the poet's empty cabin in the woods where they all weather the storm together. Through the storm, they get to know each other and the children learn of Teddy's uncertain future. 

Teddy's words are in italics. Human words are regular. 

This book was a cozy, heart warming book. It isn't mind blowing or perspective altering, but it gives you the same feeling warm slippers, your favorite sweatshirt, and no where to be for the evening gives you. 

Or gives me anyway. 

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