Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Mitten by Alvin Tressalt & Illustrated by Yaroslava

This book is based on the same folktale that Jan Brett's The Mitten is based on. So the story line is pretty much identical. However, the cast of characters is different. I think I might like this version better. The characters are spicier. 

I wondered about that. Are Jan Brett's characters just too good? Is that why I am not as interested in them? Hmm.... Something to ponder. 

I adore Jan Brett's illustrations, but I love these colors. And I like tiny little illustrations. 

Since this is a vintage book, the colored pages alternate with a mostly monochromatic layout. 

This little boy was in the woods picking up sticks for firewood when he lost his mitten. 

Now how a boy could do this
on the coldest day of winter
I'll never know, but that's the way 
my grandfather tells the story. 

Inserting a little reality. 

A little mouse notices the cozy mitten.

Unfortunate for the mouse's solitude, everyone else notices the mitten too. 

A frog (who should be sound asleep under the ice if he was any kind of proper frog.)

An adorable owl.

A bunny in a fabulous red coat.

This bear has a super vest. 

And do you see the animals in the mitten? They include a wild boar and wolf. 

The bear was just about too much for the mitten's seam. 

And then, along comes granny cricket. 

The last straw!

Unlike Jan Brett's version, the boy retraced his steps to find his ripped apart mitten. 

And he thought he saw a little mouse scurrying away
 with a bit of red wool perched on her head. 
It looked very much like the lining
 from the thumb of his missing mitten. 

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