Monday, January 9, 2017

White Snow, Bright Snow by Alvin Tressalt and Illus by Roger Duvoisin

We all know this book, right? From the 1940's, they still sell it in the Scholastic Book Order fliers my kids get. Which is a sign of... well, of something. I wonder if authors ever felt they had "arrived" if their book appeared in the Scholastic Book Order fliers? 

There is a lot of great rhyming and rhythm going on, as well as some fabulously bright and snowy illustrations. Which is probably why it is still being published. 

This book wastes no time with end papers or title pages--it gets right to business and leaves those things for subsequent pages. 

I love all these people predicting snow. All these people whose business it is to watch the sky and notice changes that would predict the weather. (Clearly they had never heard of the Weatherbug app.)  Because the weather had a direct impact on their everyday life, beyond a minor annoyance in the commute.  

It follows each of our predictors as the snow starts coming down. What do they do to get ready for the snow? 

The enchantment of snow! 

And when night came, icy cold snowflakes sparkled in the light of the windows.

Is there anything cozier than comparing a snowy outside with a bright and warm inside?



The impact snow had on these characters. I adore that poor policeman's quilt and his wife sitting next to him knitting. 

These are such simple pictures, but so evocative somehow!

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