Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader

Here is another oldie but goodie. We had this book when I was a kid. It was definitely one of those books that sit on the shelf and don't get read very often. 

It is long. It really is. I read it to Pre-K the other day and ended up paraphrasing most of it. Because the kids were getting antsy. 

So if you read it to older kids, you should be good. It is a lovely book. Over the summer, I came across a box of books a teacher was discarding from her classroom library and found an old and battered copy of this book.

I was completely enchanted. There is something in the pictures, so pure and perfect, that pulls me in every time. 

Since the copy was old and battered and I adored the pictures, I decided to make a bulletin board of it. 
(Is it legal to use a book this way? I always have argued that it is, but now that I am in the public realm, I start realizing I need to actually be sure of these things.)

I pinterested how to make snowflakes. It was fun--for the first couple. 

This is the picture that wowed me when I opened the book. I mean look at those dear. So gorgeous.

This book follows a woodland of animals as they prepare for winter. From the first signs of autumn to the Big Snow.

The animals talk back and forth about what each one does for winter.

It is somewhat hokey, but beneath that, there is a lot of information about how animals deal with winter.

These pictures are such period pieces of the 1940's/50's. Those colors!

The first snow. Not the Big Snow, but the first snow. The animals frolic in the moonlight. 

Hello! I love animals frolicking in the moonlight.

There is a ring around the moon, so the wise old owl knows snow is on the way. 

The beginning of the Big Snow. Isn't this cute? All those snowflakes.

A world changed!

How does the snow affect the animals? 

Food hunting becomes life and death.

Hungry animals.

But there are kind people. 

And the animals quickly spread the news of food set out. 


And the animals survive until spring comes to take the snow away.

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