Thursday, January 19, 2017

Winter Story by Jill Barklem

Oh, we love Jill Barklem so. 

This was my mother's tea set when she was a girl. Not sure where the teapot is. So I used a creamer from my Great Aunt's table set that matched. 

Nothing says winter cozy quite like steaming cups. And yes, I had a little too much fun with props on this one!

Brambly Hedge books always begin with a map of their world.

The middle of a snowless winter. Little lights winking out all over the hedge as the sun sets. 

I love Brambly Hedge!

Snowflakes begin to fall. Mr. Apple goes home to a warm supper by a roaring fire. I often wish I had a roaring fire. It seems like a necessity in a Northern clime. 

We will just look at that picture again because we love it so. 

Happy sigh....

The Toadflax kids watched the snow falling with great excitement!

It was a white world when they woke up.

Fortunately for mice, they can just tunnel under the snow rather than wander around up on top. 

Mr. Apple's store where they all gather to discuss tradition, which involves a winter ball. 

They construct an Ice Hall for the dance by hollowing out a snowbank and making sure the roof was secure. 

While the ice hall was being constructed; Hot soups, punches, and puddings bubbled and in the ovens pies browned and sizzled. 

Here, the Toadflax kids help string crabapples to roast over the fire.

The ice palace in all its finished splendor. Quite impressive for one day's work. 

The Ice Ball in full swing!


I love the ladies in their garden party hats at an ice palace. 

Tucking tired mousies into bed.

After kids were asleep, parents went back to the Ice Ball for more dancing. 

CPS would have had a field day with this crowd. But they are so cute, how could anyone really be upset? 

And finally, as the morning broke and snow started falling again, even the adults were danced out. Home to cozy beds! 

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