Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter Choosing by Jane Yolen & Illus by Ted Lewin

Winter Choosing

The scruffy reds
and golds
of winter finches
puffed out against the wind
decorate our feeders. 
They cling
to the branches
 of the fir
 and make even the bare
of the lilac bush
flush with color against the snow.
I choose birds in their winter plumage
before the splendor
of our neighbor's tree 
in her window;
before the rainbow 
of her lights
strung along the porch.

After Christmas
our neighbor 
packs away her lights,
storing strings of bulbs,
in the attic.
But the winter birds sit,
fattened and glowing
from sunflower seeds 
on the feeders
in our yard,
lasting long, long, 
past the turning of the year. 

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