Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Fly Went By Mike McClintock & Illus by Fritz Siebel

This book is quintessential summer. I think the book tape enhances the front cover rather nicely, don't you think? 

I love this fat cheeked boy sitting by the lake. Wearing a turtleneck sweater and bare feet no less. You do have to wonder why the illustrator chose a turtleneck sweater. Maybe it is one of those frigid mountain lakes.  

Then some talking animals and insects come by. I am not sure why I am quibbling over a turtleneck sweater in summer time, yet have no problem with the giant, talking fly. 

Just one of those things.

Everyone appears to be chasing the thing in front of it, but really, they are just running to get away from the thing behind them.

This kid is swell.

And there they go, a little merry-go-round of animals all thinking they are being chased. 

Every time a new creature comes by, the boy tells them to stop chasing the animals. But it is never their fault. 

At the tail end is a man with a gun. He must surely be the problem! But nope, there is thing bumping and thumping that he is running from. 

This young turtleneck boy is much braver than the man with a gun and sticks around to see what is bumping and thumping. 

When he finds out (notice I am not telling you what was bumping and thumping. Oh my restraint!) he tells everyone to stop running.

He explains everything and everyone becomes great friends and heads back their quiet life.

Including the boy, who is just in time to watch the sunset from his boat by the lake. 

This is my favorite picture. 

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