Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Piggies by Audrey Wood and Don Wood

When I was a nanny in Colorado for a few months, I took Carter, my little sidekick to the teensy local library. We found this board book and he loved it. We read it over and over and over.

My kids have loved it as well. Never as much as Carter did, but it is a fun, silly book with delightfully detailed pictures. Pretty hard not to love a book like that! 

Each finger is given a pig.  The pointers are the smart piggies, the thumbs are the fat piggies. 

Two looong little piggies.

Silly piggies

And two wee baby piggies. 

The sparseness of the words allows a lot of side discussion. What is this piggy doing? Look how this piggy changes from page to page. There is so much going on in these pictures!

Aren't they all adorable piggies? The smart piggies and the silly piggies were always my favorite. But they are all pretty great. Check out Mr. Muscles, the fat piggy on the left hand. 

Cooold little piggies! Brrr! The kids love to see the wee little piggy's balloon on every page. 

Clean piggies

Dirty piggies. That smart little piggy has such a dedication to reading. I love that guy. And poor little long piggy who is trying to keep her tutu clean.

Good piggies! Confetti and rainbows!

At bedtime, they are naughty piggies. We always tickle the fingers down little tummies to... 

...their toes.

 Look at that wild and rambunctious merry making!  

Then, they run away and hide. 

Seriously, these pictures are incredible!

So I put them together, all in a row,
For two fat kisses, 
two smart kisses,
two long kisses, 
two silly kisses
and two wee kisses goodnight.  

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