Thursday, August 18, 2016

Herbert the Lion by Clare Turlay Newberry

This book first caught my eye because it is a little oversize. And then it held my eye with the cute two color illustrations. 

Supposedly, Clare Turlay Newberry longed for a lion as a child, so when she grew up, she made a little girl, Sally, who got her wish. It was marvelous having a lion, but then things got a little complicated. On first glance, it seemed like it might be a little stilted and too 1930's for kids today, but reading it through, it is a funny, silly book that kids will thoroughly enjoy.  

Life was lonesome for Sally. 

But then Herbert came into her life.

I love this cosmopolitan mother bringing home a baby lion.

Aren't these pictures sweet?  

Herbert grew into a healthy, big lion.

Very big. And friendly.

A little too friendly.

Finally, people stopped coming to see Sally. 

Her parents tried to substitute a little kitten for Herbert, but... it couldn't really compare. 

Herbert wasn't any more pleased about the separation than Sally. So he took matters into his own hands.  

Sally was overjoyed to be reunited with Herbert 

And finally, her parents figure out a way to let these two friends be together.

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