Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Blue on Blue by Dianne White & illus by Beth Krommes

This book is just gorgeous. The illustrator, Beth Krommes, won the 2009 Caldecott for The House in the Night. Which I need to find. And in looking at her work, I found this book, which is coming out in October and looks A-mazing. 

This is Dianne White's first ever book. And it is well done. The words are lyrical and poetic.

(Isn't my hydrangea lovely?)

Cotton clouds. 
Morning light.

Sun shadows. 

I want to live in this house. With it's wee garden and water frontage. 

The words are rhythmic and rhyming, which is awesome for little kids. And makes it fun to read.

Clouds swell. 
Winds blow bolder.

Isn't that lovely writing? Sometimes the fewer words there are, the more you notice the ones that are there. It has to be a pretty great writer to tell a fabulous story in only a few lines per page.

Rain on rain on rain is pouring.

Dianne White is from Arizona, but Beth Krommes is from New Hampshire. Somehow, the illustrations and pictures go together perfectly. It is as if Dianne White wrote a story about a New England rain storm. 

Rain has been scarce this summer, so we have appreciated each and every rainy day. 

I love, love, love that they allow the story to be paced so perfectly. Giving a two page spread to one word, just to underline the words and the feeling of a storm slowly moving on, is genius.

Raindrops on flowers, puppies, and a fat frog. 

Aren't these pictures lovely?


Oh the joys of mud puddles!

Evening, heading back to the house.

This story would be so much weaker without the pictures. And vice versa. They are really well meshed. 

Glitter stars, twinkling light.

Oh my word I love this picture!!

Wouldn't you love to sleep only a few hundred yards from where a whale breaches?

Those waves...


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