Wednesday, August 3, 2016

There Is a Tribe of Kids by Lane Smith

This book is poetical and lovely! It follows a little boy as he heads out into the world to see where he belongs. He visits group after group of animals, seeing if he fits with them. The wording is sparse, with much more to look at than read. And the words that are there are animal group names, which are terrific. I have loved animal group names ever since someone told me that a group of starlings is called a murmuration. There are so many lyrical ones--a wreck of seabirds, a scurry of squirrels, a wisp of snipe...  Here is a nice long list of them if you are interested. Just before I read this book, I was admiring these animal monogram prints with animal group names from Anthropologie. And wishing I could buy one of each to hang in my library. 

Until the school district or I win the lottery, we will make do with this book. 

Which kids probably like better anyway. 

He starts with a tribe of kids. 

Then he finds a colony of Penguins.
 I love the exuberance of this kid and his animal amigos!

A smack of jellyfish. Isn't that colorful and fun? 

An unkindness of ravens is one of my favorite group names. It sounds... mystical or something.

A troop of monkeys, a crash of rhinos, a band of Gorillas. 

A turn of turtles.

Army of caterpillars and flight of butterflies.

A sprinkle of fireflies and a family of stars.

Isn't this a gorgeous picture?

There is so much scope for the imagination in this book.

When he awakes (with sticky up hair), he finds a trail of shells. Which leads him to...

A tribe of kids!

The animals were fun, but they were not his people. But kids are his people. 

This is a marvelous celebration of kids. Of kids being a tribe to themselves, separate from adults.

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