Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Storm Book by Charlotte Zolotow & Illus by Margaret Bloy Graham

This is such a lyrical book. Charlotte Zolotow can almost always be depended upon to write beautiful words. And since she often partners with incredible illustrators, her books are magical. This book was a 1953 Caldecott Honor book for Margaret Bloy Graham.  

Wind blown flowers

This is the story of a storm. We don't learn anyone's name or their back story. We just read about how the storm affects them and how they feel about the storm.

This book has an interesting format as well, alternating between a two page spread of illustrations and two pages of writing. It makes the words and the pictures carry more weight somehow. When you are listening to the words, you can focus entirely on the writing. When you turn the page, you can stare at the picture without thinking about what is being said. 

A little cool wind suddenly races through the trees, sways the rambler roses, bends the daisies and buttercups and Queen Anne's lace and the long grass until they make a great silver sighing stretch down the hill. 

Isn't that gorgeous? A great silver sighing stretch... 

Running home to mother as the storm gets close. 

His mother tells him that lightening is similar to their lamplight.

The little boy thinks of the lamp in his room, with its warm golden glow. And he thinks of the lightening flashing through the sky. The lightning was like a wild white wolf running free in the woods and the lamp like the gentle white terrier who came when the boy called. 

We see the storm in a nearby storm darkened city.

At the shore.

And in the shepherd's house, where his wife holds their sleeping baby while the shepherd gathers his sheep. 

Oh happy sigh. 

And then we go back to the little boy's house to see the rainbow. 

Such a great, great book! 


  1. This is beautiful! I haven't seen this one before.

  2. Oh, it is marvelous! Definitely for older kids, since little ones get impatient as you read all the gorgeous words, but I love it so!