Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Contests at Cowlick by Richard Kennedy & Illus by Marc Simont

This book is pretty awesome. Kids love it when a little kid shows up grown ups. And if those particular grown ups happen to be bad guys, all the better. 

And if the bad guys happen to be a gang of outlaws out west, all the better better.  

"If you need us" the sheriff said as they left, "we'll just be a holler up the creek."

When Hogbone and his gang showed up, the people of Cowlick hollered.

But no sheriff. 

So the town of Cowlick ran and hid.

But good ole Wally comes back out of hiding. 

"If  you want some trouble," said Wally, "I can give you some trouble."

Hogbone dropped a look on the boy and said, "Most trouble you'd give me is sticken' between my teeth when I chaw  you up."

Wally challenges some of the men to a footrace. The bad guys get a kick out of strutting their stuff in front of this kid before they rob the town. 

Sure enough, they show Wally that they can run faster than him. Since they were all neat and tidy in the livery stable, Wally just bolted them in there.

He told Hogbone they were resting on the grass. 

Next, he challenges some men to a climbing race. 

Shore nuff, those men could climb up the roof of the church faster than Wally. So Wally left them there.

Then he challenged the next five men to lifting up their horses. 

To do it proper, they had to be securely tied to the underbelly of their horses. Once the men were tied, Wally took away the ladders of the men on the church.  

Hogbone caught on. 

Wally challenges Hogbone to one more feat.

You can have your men back and all the money in the bank if  you can holler louder than me. 

"Okay," he said, "give me some air sucking room."

I love this picture! It makes me laugh every time.

And he hollers. Wally tells him he better try again because that wouldn't beat him. So he hollers some more. 

And finally the sheriff hears the holler. 

So Wally heads off for some fishing. 

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