Monday, August 8, 2016

Dark and Full of Secrets by Carol Carrick & Illus by Donald Carrick

I bought this book for the title. What a marvelous way to describe a lake!

This is the story of a little boy, Christopher, and his father visiting the lake. 

Christopher doesn't really like the lake. An ocean is clear enough you know what is in it. A lake is all dark and you can't see what is there. 

After the canoe ride, Christopher's father went to town and bought a snorkel set for both of them so Christopher could see what the darkness of the lake holds.

Christopher is rather enchanted. He goes exploring. 

The biggest fish he has ever seen!

Christopher is so caught up in watching the lake moving beneath him, he floats out a little too far.

He tries to stand up to empty out his mask, but there is nothing for his feet to touch. 

When he starts starts to go down, his dog appears to guide him back to shore.

Firm ground. 

Do you remember that feeling? Of floating in the water for ages and then walking out of the water, feeling heavier and heavier with every wobbly step?

After catching his breath, Christopher tells his dad all about the lake. 

Instead of just seeing the dark, Christopher could see beyong that to some of the secrets of the lake.

Beyond that dark surface he knew there was a crayfish that swam backward, a turtle that liked to sun itself, and a bass that maybe no one else had ever seen.

Happy sigh. 

This isn't a heart singing kind of book, but it is a great summertime exploring book. A great book about what knowledge can do. We are scared of the unknown, but if we can learn a little about that unknown, maybe we won't have to fear it anymore. 

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