Monday, August 22, 2016

Hooper Humperdink....? Not Him! by Theo LeSieg, illus by Charles E Martin

This Dr. Seuss book is an incredibly fun look at the friendships of little kids. Particularly the vindictiveness and capriciousness of those relationships. This isn't really a warm cozy book and some parents take exception to that. It is my personal belief that those parents aren't having a lot of fun in life. 

Shimmery Shiny party hats!

So the unnamed main character is having a party. But old Hooper Humperdink is out of favor at the moment. It is never explained why he is unpopular with the birthday boy, he just is. Which is somewhat true to life. Kids have complex reasonings about these things.

The birthday boy starts alphabetically listing all the people he will invite instead of Hooper Humperdink. 

His list is rhyme-y and rhythmic. AND SO FUN TO READ. 

As the list goes one, the party becomes more and more elaborate. And on each page, you can see Hooper Humperdink looking on in remorse and longing. 

I remember elaborate daydreams in which people would really-be-sorry-then! when I was a kid. 

I love that cake! And the snowman on top in the middle of summer.

Olivetta Oppenbeem! I picture Dr. Seuss hitting on the name Olivetta Oppenbeem and chortling in delight at the perfectness of it.

Ten tons of ice cream, complete with ice cream scoops. 

But none for Hooper Humperdink!

The flights of fancy get even more elaborate.

Old party pooper Hooper. Who really wishes he had been nicer to the birthday boy now! Ha! Birthday boy showed him!

A party big and good as this,
 is too good for anyone to miss.

And so you know I sort of think...

I WILL ask Hooper Humperdink!

And just like that, they are friends again. And all the imaginary friends will have to take their elaborate party elsewhere. 

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