Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hannah's Night by Komako Sakai

I have a new policy of not putting up way too many pictures per book. But it was hard with this book. It is just so gorgeous.

Komako Sakai is quite popular and well known in Japan, but this is the first of her books I have seen. Clearly I need to catch up!

This perfectly adorable little Hannah wakes up... find it was still night.

Her sister wouldn't wake up.

So Hannah and Shiro went to have a pee.

Elsie loves this page. Pee! giggle, giggle.

Her parents were still sleeping.

So Hannah went to explore independence by eating cherries. 

Isn't she ridiculously cute, squatting there eat her cherry?

The moon.

Since her sister was sleeping, Hannah borrowed her doll.

And a few other prized possessions and took them back to bed with her.

Hannah couldn't help giggling because her sister didn't even notice.

Oh the delight of forbidden things!

Morning pigeon

And as the sky lightened...

...Hannah fell asleep.

Clover says there should be a sequel to this book called Sister's Morning, in which the sister discovers her prized possessions in Hannah's bed and has a fit. But we all know how that story goes, so it isn't strictly necessary.

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