Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sugar on Snow by Nancy Dingman Watson

Sugaring season is now in full swing! For all of three days... It looks like this year is going to be really short. Still, as long as we have enough for pancakes this year... 

Their aren't a lot of good books about sugaring for some reason. A lot of them become more factual and textbookish than kids books should be. But this one is better than most. The story of maple syrup is wound around Cammie's birthday party where she hopes to have "sugar on snow"--basically taffy made out of maple syrup poured onto cold snow. 

The plot isn't too indepth, but it is a rather sweet book overall. 
(Ha! Pun intended.)

The illustrations are pencil drawings with blue shading. They are rather delicate and frosty looking.

Cait and Cammie

Getting things ready for tapping.

I love this picture.

Peter explaining sap rising to his little sisters. 

Horses make all pictures about sugaring better.

This book does a good job of showing you all the equipment in a non-obnoxious way. 


Full of sap!


Cait and the cat

Sugar on snow! The kids would eat the taffy, then sour pickles to balance the sweet. Then some more sweet, then sour... 

Taking the party goers home

Waving goodbye. 

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