Monday, March 21, 2016

Springtime in Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren and Ilon Wikland

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with this book. I found Christmas at Noisy Village for 25 cents at a library sale, and since it was Astrid Lindgren, I bought it. At that point, I was still  under the impression that Pippi Longstocking was Astrid Lindgren's only real gift to the world. Then a year later, I looked at Christmas in Noisy Village. Instantly smitten! We ordered the first chapter book from Amazon and read it out loud. The kids laughed uproariously and I loved it. Looking around for more and more Noisy Village books, I found another chapter book and this one. 

I had to have it.

However, the cheapest copy I could find of this was $35 on Amazon. And while my husband turns a blind eye to my $5 here, $10 there book habits, $35 for a poor copy of a book would be testing his patience a bit too much. A few months later, I stumbled across a Swedish copy for a few dollars on eBay. I bought it just to look at the pictures. I contemplated learning Swedish, so I could actually read it. 

And then, tada! There was a copy on Amazon in english for $5. My poor, obsessive compulsive brain breathed a sigh of relief. I owned the book. 

Yeah, I worry about myself sometimes too.

My copy came with a recommendation from Finland. I felt terribly authentic.

These are pretty cute kids aren't they? 

Noisy Village is what locals call the three farms, close together, outside town. Among the three farms, there are seven kids. Hence the term Noisy. They are delightfully childish and happy and cohesive. The sort of gang my cousins and best friends and siblings had together as a child. 

It is hard to read these books and not long, even the tiniest bit, for this sort of childhood or life. I want to live on a farm, preferably in Sweden, with best friends close by so our kids can run around together. 


This book is just a hodge podge of springtime stories in Noisy Village. There is no overarching plot line. I love them anyway. 

Ilon Wikland has some adorable pictures.

I love these kids looking slightly unkempt. It makes them look ever so much more so kiddish. 

Picnics with marauding hedgehogs.

Poor little Kerstin

"Who said we must only walk on the road?" Karl asked.
"Some grownup, I suppose," said Bill.

Playing with the  kittens

These pictures sort of bother me. I think the animals are drawn completely differently from the kids. Why? The kids almost look like stickers placed on a drawing of horses. 

Baby lambs!!! 

Bottle lamb

Testing out his short lived bravery

The boys

Being daring.

Big brother hugs. 

Spring bonfires

Fat little birdies.

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