Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Springtime for Jeanne~Marie by Francoise

This is a hand me down book from our school library. I have mixed feelings about it. The story is rather mild and simplistic, but the pictures are pretty cute. All together, I don't have a strong feeling about this one. It is cute, but not a book I would put on my must buy list. 

Pretty cute. This whole, alternating between color pictures and two tone or monochrome pictures must have been a cost saving measure back in the day. So  many books from the early to mid century have that.

This was translated out of french, so maybe something was lost in the translation. As it stands, it is rather uninspiring. 
But sweet-ish. 

Poor, duckless Jeanne-Marie.

A little boy in a boat helps them go up and down the river to find Madelon.

I think this artist is much better at close ups of people than the farther away shots. I love this picture. 

And then, all is well. Madelon is found and brought home. 


It is a cute book. But nothing more, in my humble opinion. 

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