Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Tale for Easter by Tasha Tudor

I read this once, several years ago, and decided I didn't like it. Although I love Tasha Tudor, this book just seemed... pointless or silly. I don't really know what I thought. I just didn't like it. 

I saw it displayed on our library's seasonal shelf a week ago and picked it up again. And it really isn't that bad. I don't adore it with the white hot fervor I reserve for some of Tasha Tudor's books, but it is cute and short and it isn't a chore to read it to the kids.

And somehow, I didn't know it was about a dream. (Clearly my reading comprehension could use some work.) Pretty much, I had an idea of how I thought this book should be (signs of spring) and it wasn't totally like that and I just dismissed it. 

Not that I jump to conclusions or anything....  

But no matter what, Tasha Tudor has adorable pictures.

So precious!

So this book is about the things that tell you Easter is coming; new dresses and hot cross buns. And then the night before Easter comes and if you have been good, you dream lovely dreams. 

And then the book walks through a lovely dream. Of a deer stopping to let you hop on the back.

And the deer takes you to see all the signs of the spring. Bunnies.

Little mice

Fleecy lambs


I love this picture!

Dream deer

Daffodils show up in all the best dreams.

And then, after the lovely dream, you wake up and it is Easter. And there are colored eggs in your shoes. (Why shoes?)

How darling would a basket of ducklings be? 

How are they keeping the bunny there, I would like to know. Why doesn't it hop off and hide underneath the bureau? 

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