Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Flower Fairies of the Spring by Cecily Mary Barker

I don't think this is a very pretty copy of this book, but I do love this book. Flower Fairies of the Spring was the first of Cecily Mary Barker's fairy books, published in 1923. Victorian England did love their fairies, so her book was well received. All these years later, it is still well recieved. There has been a resurgance of interest in her work, since a popular kids series about Fairies has been loosely based on her books. 

Her pictures of little kids are so adorable!

Crocus fairies

Pussy willow fairy. 

Now really. Isn't that perfectly adorable?
 (I love pussy willows though, so I am predisposed to love this one.)

Windflower Fairy

My girls squeaked at this one--"Isn't this so cute?!?"

Yes. Yes it is. 

Dandelion fairy

Daff-o-down-dilly fairy



Blue Bells

Stitch wort

This was another squeaking cute one for my older girls. They were convinced it looked just like Elsie, our three year old. 


Now, the reason for the ugly copy. I had wanted a copy of her Spring flower book, so I went on Amazon to find it. It was about $7, which wasn't bad, but since I wanted some of her other ones, I looked on eBay to see if there was an auction with several books. There I found people selling a Cecily Mary Barker library. I checked back on Amazon and found the library for a grand total of $5. I wasn't sure what was included in the library, but I took a chance on it. It arrived a few days later and was a squealing success with all four kids looking through the books and exclaiming on the cuteness and sweetness, running to show me the terribly cute picture I just had to see. 

I felt I got my money's worth out of it, just for that. 

It is a really good deal, considering one book would have cost me more than all eight.

But it is a bit less attractive than it could be.   

Especially this part. It just doesn't look very beautiful. It isn't very light and airy looking is it? 

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