Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Easter Egg Artists by Adrienne Adams

I found this book in a perusal through a Steamboat Springs, CO bookstore many moons ago. Even though I had not as yet birthed a child, I still thought I probably needed this book. I thought it was adorable. Then I had four kids and now my adorable book is rather worn looking. 

We rock the worn old book look. 

Pretty cute, right?

"There are Abbotts and there are Abbotts. These Abbotts are rabbits. The rabbit Abbotts make the designs on Easter Eggs."

A pretty good first line (or three.) 

This story center's around Orson and his ambivalence to the family business. 

This is Orson's attempt at planning egg decorating to show what he could do. And that is Orson in the background, being much more interested in stilts than in eggs. 

However, when the family's car needs some paint to cover up the rust spots before their southerly vacation, Orson gets enthusiastic.

Artistic rabbit vacations.

Meanwhile, Orson was painting an airplane. Clearly he liked more scope for the imagination than a small little chicken egg could offer.

Orson painting a bridge

Bunnies in stocking caps and ribbed turtlenecks! With softly falling snow and a Easter egg car.... Oh, yes! 

Finally the time comes to head north to get painting on those Easter eggs. 

Mr and Mrs Abbot, studiously going at it. 

Meanwhile, Orson invents comic Easter eggs. They fly out of the studio in a frenzy of public demand.

Hiding the eggs the night before Easter

Orson, enjoying the fruit of his labors.

I love Orson. And his unwillingness to do something just because he was expected to. It wasn't that he disrespected the family business, but he had to find his own niche within that business before he could be passionate. Artistic strong willed hero! 

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