Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting and Jan Brett

Here we are on another holiday and here is another Eve Bunting book to honor the holiday. Clearly, Eve Bunting is the holiday go-to. Holiday books are a bit touchy. Quite often, holiday books are written by popular authors, whose book is sold mostly on their name and character recognition, not on the quality content. So good holiday books are fairly scarce. Especially for such low key holidays as St. Patrick's Day.

Overall, this is a pretty cute book. Jan Brett, illustrating Ireland, is as perfectly adorable as she is in her Scandinavian books. 

Stone houses, green, and stone walls. What more do you need?

Jamie is too little to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade up Acorn Hill, or at least, that is what everyone tells him. 

Getting up early, before anyone else, Jamie decides to give it a go. Donning his dad's hat, his brother's jacket and his other brother's flute, he sets off to see what he can do. 

Saying hello to the not quite awake village and Kit Kelly's donkey.

Jamie making a fearful racket on the flute. Or at least that is what grouchy old Mrs. Mulligan says. "But what does she know?"

Half way up sweet shop

Mrs. Simms in her sweet shop. 

Jamie is quite convinced that he is the only one who really knows what is up. "Mrs. Simms was nice. But what did she know?"

Exulting on the way up Acorn

A triumphant ascent

The whole, long way up Acorn Hill

To show he was there, he leaves his bottle and flag in the middle of the podium.

After all of this exhausting accomplishing, Jamie gets home before anyone else is awake and falls asleep. 

His family thinks he must be very young indeed if he is falling back asleep so early in the morning. Much too young to march up Acorn in the parade. 

 But, as Jamie would say, What do they know? 

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