Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Goat That Learned To Count by Kay Ware and Lucille Sutherland and Alf Proysen Illustrated by Björn Berg

This is a silly book about counting. The goat walks around saying he would like to count the various farm animals. As he starts to count, the animals (clearly superstitious) react dramatically and declare he can't do that to them. 

For whatever reason, this book is printed on really thin paper, so you can see the next page before you flip the page. Sort of like a built in preview option. 

But the pictures are cute. 

The little calf trying to get away from whatever the goat is doing to him as he counts him. 

The angry and protective Mama.

The horse isn't sure what is up, but decides to chase the goat anyway.

The poor goat is being chased for learning math.... Sad, educational truth--when you learn math well, everyone hates you. Or at least fears you. Ha! 

They chase the goat to a boat that can only hold ten. As they barge on to the boat, the cat Captain says the boat will sink if there are more than ten, so someone must count them now to make sure they won't sink. 

The goat saves the day. Since it is urgent, the animals all let the goat do his worst and count them. And then everyone loves him. 

The vagaries of animals.....

The goat stays on the boat to count incoming passengers to make sure there are only ten. 

(And clearly, the barnyard is a little too backwards for an advanced goat like him.) 

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