Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Flora Goes to Town by Barbara Yaes and Illustrated by Phillip Mendoza

Awhile ago, I came across Phillip Mendoza. I forget what I was looking for, but in the rabbit hole that is the internet, I discovered these pictures...

I love this! The coziness, next to the storm. 

bath time for the mouse family illustration by Philip Mendoza

Aren't they terribly cute? 
Unfortunately, Mendoza's books have not been reprinted, so some of the ones I looked at were a bit pricey. Flora Goes to Town was reasonable at $3. 

The story itself is pretty much the commonly done story about the inability of country people to understand city dwellers and vice versa. The pictures also didn't grab me as much as I expected them to. But it is cute enough to keep! 

Being bored in town, Flora's cousin Annabel invites Flora and Fred for a few days. 

Flora carries the good news to Fred, who is working in the field. Love the ladybug hanging out on Fred's lunch or whatever that is. 

Town maid

In typical country fashion, they were way too early. Because all country people are early risers of course. 

"Look at all the treasures," Annabel told Flora. "Wouldn't you like one of those beautiful paintings?"
"But why would I want a painting of someone I don't know?" asked Flora in surprise.
"Oh, well, " sighed Annabel

Annabel buys Flora a new dress for the party she and Jeremy throw for Flora and Fred and Flora wears her best apron over her new dress. Consternation ensues!

Annabel is exhausted at thinking up new things for the country cousins to do, so stays in bed one morning. She looks well practiced in the art of breakfast and papers in bed. 

She hears snipping in the garden and goes out to find Fred had made her a sculpture of herself.
"I am best at outdoor things," said Fred. 

Once they are all exhausted from thinking up town things to do, Flora and Fred go home. Flora gets right to work baking some cakes to cheer Annabel up. "She probably wishes she lived in the country." 
Annabel is pleased with the cake. "How nice of Flora! Fred and Flora definitely enjoyed themselves. After all, they probably wish they lived in town." 

How very content they all are with their situations in life! 

Although it is a commonly done story, this version would be in the top five in a list of best Country cousin-Town cousin books. 

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