Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Cowboy on the Ranch by Louise and Richard Floethe

This is a rather sweet little book. Written in the 1950's, it tells kids what cowboys do on ranches. It isn't overly sentimental, it isn't trying to be funny--just good information and great pictures.  

The pictures are simple, but I like them. 

Explaining workhorses

A cowboy "roaming around."
 "He feels free, and sometimes a little lonely."

Fixing fences. The unglamorous side of being a cowboy--hard, boring work. 

Chuck wagon eating

Sleeping out

Branding time!


Saturday night rodeo

Bronc riding contest

Steer dogging

Driving steer to market.

"The cowboy must not frighten the steer or make him run fast. If he does the steer will lose weight. Every pound the steer weighs is a pound more of meat. A skillful cowboy walks his steers from way out on the range to the yards where the railroad picks them up to take them to market."

Winter--chopping a watering hole.

Feeding the cows when the snow gets too deep. 

Having loved Zane Grey as a girl and married a Colorado cowboy, this book was pretty awesome to me. 

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