Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In the Town All Year 'Round by Rotraut Susanne Berner

Mom got this book for the kids a few years ago. It is from Germany and is utterly delightful. Similar to a Waldo book, but without the unifying character in each scene, this book takes eight different scenes and depicts them in all four seasons. At the beginning of each season, there is a page with different people or things to find in the following pages. Besides the look-for page, there is no text in the entire book. 

There is a lot going on on every page, so this book provides endless hours of entertainment.  

The winter season page. 

Cold, but no snow yet.

When I like a book, I always like to look at the reviews on Amazon. I am not sure why. Maybe just because I like to hear people complimenting something I like? Anyway, this book had a few dissenters, who refrained from praise. And this page was frequently mentioned. That is a nude up there, passing as art. And an anatomically correct man over on the right hand side that the lady in a green coat is looking at. 

A close up. Horrors! I love the two little kids giggling in front of the nude. 
 People were also worried about the instances of alcohol and tobacco use. (This book was written in Germany after all.) Clearly, these people never take their kids to the county fair... 

As much as we have looked at this book, I never noticed either...

Snowy city.

Holiday department store. Have you noticed the jogger in blue in the different pictures? 


Summer in the country.

Summer in the country

I like the girl's idea of a summer time reading pile in the library level.

Fall and broken pipes

And Halloween

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