Friday, March 18, 2016

Seven Little Rabbits by John Becker Illustrated by Barbara Cooney

This was a lurker. I think it sat on the shelf for about four years before I cracked the cover. Not sure why, since the cover is perfectly openable looking. I blame it on the sheer quantity of books on said shelf. (And all the other 10 shelves with picture books.)

Totally cute! And the rhythm is quite good too!

These little rabbits like to stop and check things out as they are "walkin' down the road."

The seventh little rabbit took advantage of mole's cozy house to take a snooze. 

I love this mole! "Some people have a nerve!"

The six little rabbits continue down the road, but when the sixth little rabbit says he is tired, they turn around to Mole's. Bribing him with purple bouquets, they leave Rabbit six there. 

Aren't these pictures cute?!

After several back tracks to mole's cozy house, Mole gives in to the inevitable and welcomes them home. 

 I do like dandelions. 

Little ferns, and yawning baby bunnies.

And photog bunnies. 

Mole knows how to do cozy.

That plush purple... whatever it is!


Mole tucks them all in and settles contentedly into his chair.

And the sleeping little rabbits dream of,,,

"Walkin' down the road
Walkin' down the road

Seven little rabbits
Walkin' down the road
to call on old friend toad."

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